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Forever Young is a place for teens. My Forever Young photoshoots are my way of helping to build confidence at this time of your life. Here I have created a blog/magazine - "Blogazine". Every Blogazine post will feature everyday down to earth people that I have photographed and with the help of lots of talented friends I will share tips, ideas and experiences that will help you along your life journey.
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Are you ready for your school ball!?

The dress...make tan...etc

Whatever you are doing to prepare yourself, this months Teen Blogazine has some helpful tips to help you along the way!

Ball season is such an exciting time of the year! My first school ball was an occasion that I looked forward to for months and it was over in an instant. I had no idea what to expect and I was a little bit nervous but I had a great time and not knowing what to anticipate made it even better. The havoc of getting ready was arguably even more enjoyable than the ball itself. I loved the months prior to the ball; the decision making… which dress? Which hairstyle? Which lip colour? Most of all, I enjoyed getting dressed up and feeling confident for the night as everything that had been planned fell into place and came together perfectly. My first ball lived up to the excitement and I just hope my second ball exceeds or at least meets the new expectancy!

Courtney Hammond



The Dress...

First up the most important part! The dress... make sure you are prepared well in advance with this one! There are lots of places you can look to find your perfect gown! Local shops, second hand shops and online a great places to start!

Bank Street Bridal has a beautiful range of stunning ball gowns!

Jocelyn from Bank Street Bridal shares some awesome tips when selecting your perfect gown!

Create a memory and standout this year in your ballgown.
Get the guarantee your dress will be unique at your school ball, eliminating the dreaded risk of turning up dressed in the same outfit as someone else.

Girls, you will go to many functions, weddings and parties throughout your lifetime, so be sure to keep these photos cringe free with a classic and timeless gown.
Make sure you are comfortable but most importantly that you are happy with your gown!!

Jocelyn x


Spray Tan...

Getting a professional spray tan is the safe way to avoid a DIY fake tan disaster!

Keri from Lets Glow recommends getting a tan a day or two before the event. 

Here is Keri's Pre and Post Tan advice:

Waxing or shaving done 24hrs prior to treatment; The evening before exfoliate entire body with either a scrub or exfoliating gloves; No deodorants, moisturisers, perfume or oils on the day of the tan - these can act as a barrier and react to the tan; Wear loose dark clothing on the day of the tan.

After Care Shower using non-abrasive loofah or body wash. A face cloth is fine; After showering use your towel to pat-dry the skin, rather than rubbing; Moisturise daily to prolong the life of the tan.

IMPORTANT: Do not exercise on the day of your tanning application. Excessive perspiration will adversely affect the development of your tan. Read more at:

Pop Keri a message to book your Spray Tan!


Make up and Hair...

Whether you decide to do this yourself or get some help from a professional it is up to you! We have alot of talented Hair stylists and Make up artists here in whangarei - some that are mobile and can travel to you BUT they can not be in several places at once! SO my advise would be to get 3-4 girlfriends together and have a bit of a girly ball prep day!

Be sure to check out Pinterest to find the look you want with your hair - there are loads of beautiful looks on there.

Keepsake Bouquets have a nice selection of gorgeous hair crowns and hair flowers if you like this look for your hair.

Here are a few Make Up Artists and Hair Stylists that you can give a call!

Kasey George MUA

Jasmine fore Urban Bliss

Jade from Oneseventhree Hair [formerly JLS Hair Design] 

Jasmin Skinner from JMS Hair at Home

IF you do decide to do your own Make Up for the Ball, Jasmine from Urban Bliss has put togehter some handy tips to help you out!

Jasmine has been doing makeup for many years, and with a 'best dressed' and 'princess of the ball' from last year she has a few tricks up her sleeve. 
If you've chosen to do your own makeup, there is a lot to consider, there are basic guides and endless Youtube tutorials, these are a great place to start. Here are a few of my tips to choosing and applying products to achieve your ball look. 
Cleanse, tone, moisturise, wait 5 mins and apply primer, wait another 5 mins.
FOUNDATION-get a colour match. The correct shade for you will almost 'disappear' into your skin while evening out your complexion. The jaw is the ideal place to test as you don't want dreaded 'tide' lines. 
CONCEALER-if using under the eyes, apply in an upside down triangle with the tip ending in line with your nose, once blended it is much more flattering. Try a shade lighter than your foundation. 
BROWS-by far my favourite feature to enhance! My go to has always been Moisture Mist brow pencils, they are waxy and stay put. When freshly sharpened you can do tiny hair strokes that look real. I always draw a faint line underneath to start and go from there, don't forget to brush through. If you haven't had your brows shaped before, go to a reputable salon, it is so worth it! 
BLUSHER-apply a small amount to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards and outwards. Hot tip - it is easier to add a little more then remove excess. 
HIGHLIGHTER-a little goes a long way! What looks great in your mirror may look like Edward Cullen stepping out into the sun! CONTOURING-apply just under your blusher and blend well, if you are after a more defined look, find a tutorial suited to your face shape. EYESHADOW-this can make or break your look. My biggest advice here is to once again start with a small amount and blend blend blend! Applying your glitter or shimmer shadows with your finger in a patting motion works well. This is where tutorials are helpful. Hot tip - wet a small brush and use your fav shadow as an eyeliner or to enhance the colour. Also, if opting for a bold look, do your eyeshadow before foundation to avoid flecks falling onto your perfect base, and choose a nude lip to balance your look. 
POWDER-translucent and matte = perfection SETTING SPRAY-keeps everything looking fab all night. LA girl have a great mattifying one for less than $20. 
LASHES-no ball look is complete without lashes! Whether you are blessed with long dark lashes, get them tinted, lifted or choose falsies, still use mascara for extra emphasis. False lashes can be easily removed, cleaned and reused, so get practicing. Remember-you only need a little bit of glue. 
As well as being a Makeup Artist, I also work in Life Pharmacy Orrs, (in Cameron Street) we stock a variety of ranges for all budgets, and most recently, theBalm cosmetics. I've tried most of the range and here are my top picks for you all:
How 'Bout Them Apples-a lip and cheek cream palette containing 6 versatile colours that stay in place. 
Put A Lid On It-eyelid primer This is by far the best eyelid/eyeshadow primer I have tried (too many to name)you will love it, especially under the Overshadows. 
And my winner for versatility has to be: theBALM VOYAGE vol.2 palette-containing 9 shadows, 2 blushes, bronzer, highlighter and 2 lip/cheek creams all in 1 sleek palette. Perfect to pop in your clutch for top ups! As an added bonus, theBalm cosmetics are paraben and cruelty free, even offering a VEGAN eyeshadow palette. Plus, each product contains a QR code, simply scan with your smartphone/tablet and it takes you to a step by step tutorial, perfect for all you tech savvy teens!
Finally-have fun with it all, be yourself, don't do anything that you don't want to and look after each other.
xx Jas
Jasmine was the make up artist for April's Teen Photoshoot pictured below!


Perfect brows...

A nice shape and tint to your brows can give your face a nice refreshing lift.

There are loads of great places in Whangarei you can go to... Sugar Beauty, Hush Spa, Inside Out Beauty and Wellbeing to name a couple!

Be sure to book in about 1-2 days before the day! That way you can ensure the reddness has gone down after waxing.


Beautiful nails not only look great, they can be the icing on the cake to complete you whole look! Sugar Beauty also offer Acrylic nails. Two days before the ball is a perfect time to get this done!


Pre - Ball treats!

If you do decide to get some friends together for a pre - ball get together some yummy snacks are a must! I can recommend a million times over DELIGHTS!

Delights make delicious whole food treats, free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar so you can still treat yourself and feel good doing it - the perfect not so naughty sweet treat!

The best thing is you can order your delights box a few days before and pop them in the freezer and pull them out on the day!

Pop Nicci a message to order yours!


Now lets not forget some tips for the guys!!! 

Suit hire... shop local... online... opp shops! Be prepared and have a look around! 

If you have a date for the ball and want some pretty flowers for her Keepsake Bouquets and Flax Flowers can help you out, you can also get your button hole flowers to finish off your look! The best part about these flowers is that not only are they as beautiful as your date will be, but she gets to keep them forever as a momento.

Treat yourself to a facial treatment at least 2-3 days before hand too, Inside Out Beauty and Wellbeing do facial treatments! You will love it and feel re-freshed! Or if you prefer to do something from the comfort of your own home, check out Dirty Hippie for some Man Care! They also do a face mask that you could try!





Last but not least - your pre ball photoshoot! Now this is something new... professional pre-ball photos!

Plan to get yourselves ready a little eariler so you have time to get some photos before hand!

There are a number of reasons this is a great idea...

Professional photo... flattering and natural poses... NO more of those awkward mum and dad iphone photos in front of the white wall at home!... High resolution, great image quality photo... You do not have to stand in line at the ball just to get your ball photo - you will already have them taken in a relaxing, natural environment - you wont have to worry about poeple jumping the que or being rushed through your turn so the next one can have theirs!

Have an amazing momento of your school ball... one that you will truly treasure...

If you are intereseted in having some pre-ball photos... please contact me for full package details...



Your School Ball Beauty Prep Plan...

So after all of that lets summarise to make things simple!


THE DRESS! Make sure you have found the perfect dress! One that you love and feel comfortable in and that. Bank Street Bridal can help you out!

Book your appointments for getting ready!

Organise your pre-ball TEEN PHOTOSHOOT!

Also search online to find the look you want with your hair! If you are doing your hair and make up yourself and need a bit of guidance - check out some online tutorials!


Prep your skin! Book in for a little pampering facial with Inside Out Beauty and Wellbeing, or if you would rather do this yourself you could try Dirty Hippie's de-gunk the funk black face mask powder - GUYS you could use this stuff, without feeling too girly! The awesome thing is that you can order a couple of small sample packs to use before the ball, if you love it you can order more!


Brow Shape and tint Sugar BeautyInside Out Beauty and Wellbeing.


Nails! Sugar Beauty, Hush Spa

AND order your Delights for your pre-ball treats!

Wash your hair - and leave it till after the ball.


Spray Tan with Lets Glow!Inside Out Beauty adn Wellbeing.


Make Up -  Kasey George MUAUrban Bliss Beauty

Make sure you start with a fresh, exfoliated and cleansed face - you can check out the make up application process in December 2015's Blogazine 

Hair - OneSevenThree HairJMS Hair at Home

Make sure you do not put any product into your hair before hand, leave that to the stylist! Be prepared and take a photo of how you would like you hair. Check out Pinterest

IF you prefer to have a one stop location Sugar beauty AND Hush Spa do it all! Get your girlfriends together and make a day of it!



To feature in this months blogazine I got together with Kasey George MUA, Jade from OneSevenThree Hair, Georgia and Brandon to show you the look you can create for your school ball!

Both dresses for the photoshoot are from Bank Street Bridal









As with every feature teen I like to do a little interview! 

[Me] Thank you for being my model for this school ball Blogazine theme! How did you and Brandon enjoy your photoshoot?

[Georgia] We enjoyed it. It was fun as it was doing something different something we wouldn't normally do

[Me] Are you looking forward to your school ball this year [this is your last right?] 

[Georgia]  I haven't even really thought about the ball yet. But yes I'm looking forward to it, my last ball hoping its a good one.

[Me] What is the best thing you like about going to the school ball?

[Georgia] The best thing about the ball is the getting ready part.

[Me] Do you have your dress for the ball?

[Georgia] No, not yet!

[Me] and now for some not so school ball questions! What do you like to do for fun?

[Georgia] I like to ride horses and play sport for fun

[Me] Whats your favourite food!?

[Georgia] Ahh i like so many. It would have to be chocolate or sushi.

[Me] Who do you look to for inspiration? 

[Georgia] I don't really look to any one for inspiration I'm happy with who i am don't inspire to be anyone yet

[Me] What do you want to be when you leave school?

[Georgia] When I leave school I want to be a teacher hopefully a PE teacher


Thanks again for checking out Forever Young Wild and Free Teen Blogazine! I hope you found the tips for getting school ball ready helpful! 

If you are gooing to a school ball I hope you have an amazing night with your friends!

If you would like to book your pre-ball photoshoot Or a teen portrait session please contact me

Stacey x

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