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Forever Young is a place for teens. My Forever Young photoshoots are my way of helping to build confidence at this time of your life. Here I have created a blog/magazine - "Blogazine". Every Blogazine post will feature everyday down to earth people that I have photographed and with the help of lots of talented friends I will share tips, ideas and experiences that will help you along your life journey.
Feel free to browse through the articles and take from them what you please.
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This month I got to meet these two! Brittany had her hair and make up with Jasmine from Urban Bliss Nails and Beauty

Here is our little interview followed by the photos from our Forever Young Tenn Photoshoot.

[Me]How did you enjoy your photoshoot?

[Brittany] I quite enjoyed it. It made me feel good while having a laugh.

[Connor] It was fun because it was out of my comfort zone.

[Me] What is your favourite movie?

[Brittany] I don't really have a favourite movie but if I had to choose it would be The Last Song or The boy in the Striped pyjamas.

[Connor] Fast and Furious.

[Me] Describe yourself in 3 words...

[Brittany] Caring, kind and friendly

[Connor] Funny, Caring, Sporty.

[Me] What is your dream job?

[Brittany] Being a nanny overseas, because you get paid while exploring different countries.

[Connor] Architecture.

[Me] What is your favourite winter activity?

[Brittany] Hockey

[Connor] Hockey

[Me] If you could trade lives with anyone in the world who would it be and why?

[Brittany] I don't really have someone that I want to trade lives with. I like the life I live now.

[Connor] Paul Walker, because he is good at driving.

[Me] How long have you been playing Hockey for?

[Brittany] I have been playing since I was 6. This will be my 12th year of playing.

[Connor] 4 years

[Me] Do you get competitive with each other?

[Brittany] Not really because we are different ages.

[Connor] No.

[Me] What have you done that you are most proud of?

[Brittany] Representing Northland in hockey.

[Connor] Northland Reps.

[Me] What is the best advice you have ever heard?

[Brittany] Never give up, because if you keep believing and trying, anything can happen.

[Connor] Treat people the way you want to be treated.






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It really is a suitable form of exercise for everyone! Any age, shape and size... Tim from Yoga Fire NZ talks a little more about it!

Maybe you have seen you mom do yoga or you have seen pictures on Instagram of people doing yoga or yoga poses. How could this weird thing have relevance when I am just a teenager? It looks weird and seems only old people do it. What does it all mean?

Yoga is something your mom, your dad, your grandma and even you could do. It is a relevant form of exercise to do throughout your entire life. Why? Well, it is modifiable for anything you are looking for. You want to feel more flexible, then yoga can help with that. You need focus in life or help to focus on exams, then yoga can help by concentrating your mind and releasing stress all at the same time.

Yoga helps people is by building self-esteem. We all have imperfections and yet we are imperfectly perfect. Yoga brings us into unity with ourselves by linking the body and the mind. We don’t need to look into a mirror to find our self-worth, we get our self-worth from feeling how amazing we are; yoga amplifies these feelings in the body. Whether you can touch your toes or you can do a handstand, it will help you feel better. Unlike other sports or fitness, there is no competition, there is no getting better, there is just learning to accept where we are in the present moment. So anyone

Tied to self-esteem, Yoga helps you understand yourself and your body. As we transition through life, we change, and this can be challenging to comprehend. Yoga links us with our changing bodies because it is about feeling everything you are doing in a yoga pose, at that present moment. By reaching down and touching your toes, yoga encourages you to breathe deeply and feel the hamstrings and adjust the legs, helping you get the best stretch your body needs. The result, your hamstrings feel amazing because you have linked the breath to the posture and your awareness to your body. As we practice more, we learn to comprehend the mind/body link which amplifies the good feelings each time you do it.

Yoga helps you accept who you are but it can also be fun, and challenging at the same time. You can listen to your favourite music and just stretch and breathe. Jump around, dance, stretch and even break a sweat, these are all things encouraged in yoga. Don’t know where to find these types of classes? Fortunately, there are plenty of online classes you can try on YouTube or places like You need to find a teacher that can make the practice come alive for you. So maybe the class your mom goes to, isn’t the right one for you. Part of what makes yoga so fun is exploring different teachers and classes and then finding one that you love. Bring along your friends, it’s a great way to try something new and different together. There is no shortage of yoga out there so start searching online or locally and find something that is the right mix of fun and challenge for you and your friends.

Yoga isn’t some archaic exercise for old people (even though it is thousands of years old), it is a lifestyle game-changer that will bring your life into focus and balance. It will help you explore and gain confidence in yourself and encourage you to search for and follow your passions. Yoga is for you, your mom, dad, grandmother, even your younger sister or brother. Get out of the ordinary boring routines and exercises and go do something extraordinary! And in the process hit up a yoga class along the way, you will love the results.

Feel free to send Tim a message to get yourself started on your Yoga journey!

[photo credit: Doug Pearson Photography]





This is seriously the easiest after school refresher after these hot muggy days!

All you need is a good blender, a tin of peaches and ice!

I have a blender that can hold 1.5 litres - I fill it up about 3/4 with ice! Then tip a tin of peaches on top of the ice!

Pop the lid on and pulse blend until it is combined and a slushy texture! You may have to take it off and give it a shake or a stir occasionally depending on how fancy your blender is!

Once its blended and all slushy - pour into you're serving glass and add your straw! [optional!] 

Sit back and enjoy!

Stacey x



Time to organise your life with Chart Boards! They have a large range of products to help you be organised in style and have a bit of fun!

Peg boards are a great way to store all sorts - create yourself a craft station, whenever you are feeling creative it is all ready to go!

Their peg boards are magnetic, so you can pair them with their magnetic wooden pegs and greate a fun photo gallery!


Create a notice board space or a drawing space in your room with their new images boards! Leave little reminders for yourself so you stay on top of everything! 


Calendars! Life is so busy! After school activities, friends, sports, family... Use chart boards to help keep track of your busy routines! Choose the magnetic finish so you can attach your important school notices and homework sheets directly to the board as well.


To get your own chart boards visit their website for more info!



I have decided to add a "dear parents" and a "dear teenager" part to the blogazine - a space where you can share a little open letter to your parents and visa versa! All letters will be anonymous. If you have something you would like to share please contact me!


Thanks for reading!

If you are interesed in being a feature teen or if you have something you would like mentioned on the blogazine or a product or service that would intereset teens then please send me a message!

Next month we have a School Ball season feature! So if you have a school ball coming up stay tuned for some helpful info when getting ready! and a list of people that can help you out!

Stacey x

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