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Forever Young is a place for teens. My Forever Young photoshoots are my way of helping to build confidence at this time of your life. Here I have created a blog/magazine - "Blogazine". Every Blogazine post will feature everyday down to earth people that I have photographed and with the help of lots of talented friends I will share tips, ideas and experiences that will help you along your life journey.
Feel free to browse through the articles and take from them what you please.
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February 2017 blogazine feature teen

This month is Flynn Williams as our feature teen!

I am excited to have our first ever boy as a feature teen on the blog! Flynn did a great job posing for his shoot...I must admit I can find it quite challengeing posing boys [posing girls comes naturally!] but Flynn was quick to tell me if my pose was "too girly!" and showed me a boy version of the pose! Thanks Flynn!

Here are our efforts from the Forever Young Teen Photoshoot 




Here is our mini interview!

[me] Whats your favourite song right now?

[Flynn] Trap Queen by Fetty Wap

[me] Whats your favourite animal?

[Flynn] Snow Leopard

[me] What was the last gift you got someone?

[Flynn] A hug!

[me] Whats your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

[Flynn] Going to the Gym, playing Basketball and Hockey, PS4.

[me] What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

[Flynn] Did a model shoot!

[me] What inspires you?

[Flynn] I get motivated when people say I can't do something, I try my best and prove them wrong. I am also working very hard because I would like to do an exchange to America later this year.

[me] Who would win in a fight between Spiderman and Batman?

[Flynn] Batman



Attention Parents/Caregivers/Grandparents/Aunties/Uncles!!!

Teen Portrait Photography...

YES! It is a thing! A very important thing in my opinion...

And here is why...

This time of your life can be confusing... if I remember correctly [way back then when I was at this stage!] There is this urge you feel that you needed to fit in, and suddenly this once happy go lucky child with not a care in the world wants to fit in with everyone else!? WHAT!!! If I could tell my teen self what I know now is "it's okay to STAND OUT" infact, if you ask me now its even cooler to stand out then it is to fit in! 

I feel there can be quite a negative perception around this age group - well that is what I am finding anyway, when people ask me how old my kids are, when I say I have 11 year old twins, a boy and girl... I often get the pitty face - "ohhhhhh, one of each tween...I feel sorry for you!" or "the girl will be hard the boy will be easy" or "watch out for those hormones!" - ARE YOU FOR REAL! Where is the "oh you are so lucky! I really enjoyed my teens" or "they really flourish at this age and it's exciting watching them discover themselves" or "It's such a big step from primary school age, they will really grow up" - this is what we should be saying and hearing, building them up! Focus on the positives. I for one am very excited to see what the teenage years bring for our family, I know there will be ups and downs and I am looking forward to learning and teaching from the downs and praising the ups! 

So here is where Teen portrait photography fits in...

It builds confidence...It shows your teen they are perfect - just as they are...It makes your teen feel valued, that they are worth it...AND as a bonus you get a set of stunning portraits of them!

I call my Teen Portrait Photography an "experience" rather then a photoshoot - as I believe it is a whole experience in itself. From the build up...the photoshoot...seeing their amazing photos...and having this memory forever. What is even more exciting is including what they love in the experience - their sport or hobby or friends! The experience can be catered for them!

Now to be perfectly honest, if Teen Portrait Photography was around when I was a teen, I would NOT have wanted to do it! The only way I would have done it is if my Mum told me too! AND if I had done it, I would be thanking her even more right about NOW.

If I could write myself a little letter to my teenage self it would look a something like this:

Dear Teenage self:

You are worth it... showcase who YOU proud to STAND brave...speak your, you look pretty when you smile...make friends...keep doing what you love...there is no right or wrong, only perception...practice gratitude EVERYDAY...make friends with yourself and learn to enjoy your own company...problems always pass...learn from your mistakes...nourish your body with good foods and exercise...JUST BE YOURSELF AND LOVE IT!

From Adult self x

Attention Teenager!!!

You are worth it... showcase who YOU proud to STAND brave...speak your, you look pretty when you smile...make friends...keep doing what you love...there is no right or wrong, only perception...practice gratitude EVERYDAY...make friends with yourself and learn to enjoy your own company...problems always pass...learn from your mistakes...nourish your body with good foods and exercise...

Stacey x



Looking for the perfect part time job? The first step in the process is to create a great CV! Lauren from Lauren Roughton - HR Consultancy  can help you create a professional CV and cover letter to get you started. 

Lauren can take you through the Recruitment and Selection process to help you know what to expect when entering the workforce. It can be daunting at the best of times, but knowing what is to come can help you to be prepared.

Here are a few tips from Lauren that can get you thinking about writing your first CV:


  • Ordering from most recent down through your past history

  • Easy to read font, font size and colouring

  • Avoid including potentially prejudice information (photographs, birthdates, address, race, ethnicity, religion) – you never know who is sitting on the other end of your CV.

  • If you are applying for a role and already have an existing job, make reference to providing your referee’s at a later stage in the recruitment process to avoid a privacy breach

  • Spell check it!

Feel free to contact Lauren 022 150 5256 for further assistance! 



Do you workout at the gym or go to boot camp or circuit training? Do you play sport? Do you run? What exercise do you do? It is really important to get some form of movement in every day... whatever it is, just get your body moving, that is what it was made to do! JUST MOVE!

For a long time, this type of exercise has fasinated me..."Calisthenics" or "Bodyweight Exercises" and it got me thinking - Exercise is SO much more then going to the gym. Exercise is about functional movement and mobility, our bodies are made to move... natural, functional movements using our own bodyweight even! I mean what is the point of being able to squat 100kg's if we can not lift our own body weight over a 6 ft wall?

I caught up with an old friend who knows alot more then me on the subject and is very inspiring...

Hi I’m Waero (aka Tommo) and I am a “bodyweight training” enthusiast from Palmerston North!

I’ve been training this way for most of my adult life and have over time come to love the art of “mastering oneself through the art of bodyweight. To me Calisthenics is a branch of many other disciplines (ie: martial arts, pole fitness, hand balancing, gymnastics or ballet) and typically most people consider the “exercises/movements” as a means to define it however I hope to educate you with my personal perspective and knowledge about this topic that I am very passionate about.

Definition of Calisthenics?

“…the word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words kalos (κ?λλος), which means "beauty", and sthenos (σθ?νος), meaning "strength". – taken from Wikipedia source

Simply put calisthenics is a training modality that uses one’s own bodyweight to develop a physique that is strong, adaptable and resilient. This type of training involves ANY exercise performed with no weight and is commonly referred to as “bodyweight training”.

So why do body weight activity and what are the benefits?

This style of training has many benefits and some examples include:

  • Requires very little equipment or cost to get started.

  • You can train in any location, at any time, at any moment.

  • Calisthenics’ movements are incredibly efficient as the exercises work the body as an entire unit rather than in isolation.

  • Exercises can be scaled to suit ANY individual regardless of age, gender or ability. Conversely exercises can be progressed for even the most advanced practitioners.

  • Depending on the goal, bodyweight training can build muscle mass or used as a means to aid weight loss.

What are typical exercises found within body weight training?

There are many exercises and (equally as many variations) however for the purpose of this article I’ll briefly cover the more commonly well-known ones.


are a “vertical pushing” movement that focuses on the muscles of the upper body (triceps, chest, core and shoulders). This variation I’m showing is done on rings is more advanced than if using parallel bars due to the instable nature of the rings.


Pull Ups – are a “vertical pulling” movement and like the chin up, will develop incredible strength in the muscles of the entire body, but mostly with a focus on the upper body (biceps, back, forearms). This movement has been referred to as the King of upper body exercises and is often a benchmark for demonstrating true “upper body” strength. Note – many types of surfaces (other than a bar) can be used to train this movement pattern.


- a classic movement for building strength in the lower body, particularly the muscles of the thigh and glute (butt). This is a great for beginners as it helps to train the necessary pattern of moving without load.



A staple of bodyweight training and one of the best “horizontal pushing” movements in existence that not only builds the muscles of the upper body, but also that of the trunk and lower body.


Everyone will have a different start point in terms of ability and whilst a lot of other factors come into play, what is more important is to consider your reasons for doing calisthenics. Do you want to get stronger? Lose weight? Improve health and endurance for day to day living or wanting to perhaps achieve a specific skill? (ie:muscle up)

Typically most people have these 4 common goals to choose from;

  • Hypertrophy (increasing muscle size)

  • Strength (becoming as strong as possible)

  • Endurance (the ability to lots of repetitive bodyweight movements for long periods)

  • Skill Acquisition (being able to do advanced bodyweight movements)

By identifying your goal/s you can then best follow an approach that will help you achieve them.


How to get started

It is my sincere recommendation that you try to find a professional or link in with a group that can help guide and help you along the way. Whilst you can certainly “Google” and look at You Tube videos – I believe there is no substitute for one on one, face to face contact with people invested in your success.

Final Words

With the advent of social media calisthenics has become widely popular with people of all ages across the world and will continue to gain more exposure. Many youth have seen incredible physical transformations through this style of training but more than this – have gained greater self-confidence, improved health and wellbeing, stronger support and connectivity to their peers as well as a building a tough mind-set.

All of which contribute to a better way of life.

In closing, I wish all of you young readers the very best no matter what style of training that you do, and If for nothing else please remember these values for success.

Hard Work “…Because nothing happens without it…”

Consistency “…Because what you do every day matters more than what you do every once and awhile….”

Discipline “...Because this is what will keep you going when things get hard….”


Thank you for reading!

If you have anything you would like to see on the Blogazine please let me know and I will see what I can do!

If you would like to know more about booking your own Forever Young Teen Experience feel free to contact me.

Stay tuned for March [which is just around the corner!]



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